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Shape: Directional
Core: Tip to tip full poplar wood
Baseprofile: S rocker
Base: Sintered formula sole
Flex: medium flex
Topcaot: Biax
Lengths: 160cm
Weigth: 2,9 kg


MT1542 flyter like lett i puddersnø som en fisk i vann. 

Kvaliteter som stor nose, tapered shape, samt hybrid rocker camber gjør MT1542 til et meget stabilt brett. Det responderer lett i svinger og gir veldig fin flyt i kjøringen. 

Den litt smalere tailen gjør at brettet sitter meget godt i puddersnø, og kombinert med en directional s-rocker form gjør at kjørerens balansepunkt blir sentrert i forhold til brettets shape. Full poplar wood trekjerne gjør brettet lett i vekt, lettkjørt og meget stabilt i høy fart. Aluforsterkede stålkanter gjør at MT 1542 tåler en trøkk. Den sintrerte sålen er også robust mot ulendt terreng, samtidlig som den er rask og gir god fart i alle snøforhold.

Brettet er beregnet for frikjøring, men kan også defineres som et all mountain brett som trives best utenfor de trakkede løypene.



Big nose, tapered shape, as well as the hybrid rocker camber, makes MT 1542 a very stable board to ride.

It´s quick respons in every turn provides an unbelievable flow. The slightly narrower tail makes the board float very well in powder and, - combined with a directional s rocker shape, makes the rider´s balance point centered to the boards´shape.

Full poplar wood core makes the board light, easy to ride and very stable at high speeds. The sintered base is fast and robust against rough terrain in all snow conditions.

The board is built for freeriders, but it can also be defined as an all mountain board that thrives outside the slopes.
Fjell Snowboards

Fjell Snowboards

FJELL^ was established out of love of mountain spirit and outdoor lifestyle. 

Mountains and nature in general are our sources of inspiration and exploration - which we treat with great respect.

The product range contains boards, board care, accessories and our evolving clothing line. 

Our products, boards and apparel, are produced and manufactured with a high level of quality, in both components and materials.

As we are based on the west coast of Norway, in the center of the most alpine landscape in the world, we have the best surroundings for inspiration, exploring and testing, fjord to peak.

With reference to our white transparent boards, our identity is based on humility for both nature and people.

FJELL^ strives to make sure everything produced is made as environmental friendly and sustainable as possible, and that all of our collaborators, manufacturers and factories share our environmental friendly focus, also that their employees work under safe and healthy conditions. 

Managed by a Swiss company, the boards are handmade and manufactured in Tunis. During more than 15 years, the company has grown under strict Swiss quality standards.

The core of every board is made of poplar wood grown for the purpose in sustainable forests - together with recycled steel edges and non-toxic color on top sheet. The factory holds innovative production gear that will minimize the environmental footprint. 

Our clothing garments are all made in Europe and Japan. Our merino wool knits from Scotland, our eco wax from Finland, our wool blankets from Norway, our t-shirts and long sleeves from Portugal, and our Mountain mittens from Japan.

All of our products are designed in Norway, and/or together with our collaborators.

Regarding our permanent collections, we are focused on investing in long lasting all season products. That is why we make classic and clean products that will not be replaced by a new collection every change of season. Yet, we will add new items to the collection as we go.

Our goal is to inspire people to get out and experience what FJELL^ is about, hence the idea of the brand.


Kristina ^ Kjetil, founders

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